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If you are interested in the current state-of-the-art in interactive graphics, Virtual and Augmented Reality, artificial intelligence, and computer games, this summer school is your place to be. We invite participants to join a group of highly motivated people for 10 days to learn about novel human-computer interaction and interfaces. The summer school will cover a broad range of topics covering principles, usage, and development of interactive intelligent interfaces taught by international experts in the field. The target audience includes everyone interested in the field, from advanced and motivated bachelor students to master or PhD candidates.

Date and Place

September 10th-19th 2013, University of Würzburg, Germany

Co-located Event

The summer school will be complemented by the co-located national conference on VR/AR taking place September 19/20 at the same venue. Attendance for all summer schoolers is free of charge.

Summer school attendees will have the chance to submit a poster about their current work or their thesis or research projects. The posters will be presented throughout the summer school and the complementing (free of charge) conference. Accepted posters may also be accompanied by a reimbursement for the summer school registration expenses (still in the planning phase).


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